My family’s recent three-week itinerary contained all of these elements plus a few days of volunteering. Adventures here vary greatly from simple walks to volcano treks, to mountain bike rides, to sand surfing (!) Oktoberfest Is A Family-Friendly Festival. It reminded me a bit of Oregon and Washington in the northwest corner of the United States, unspoiled and very picturesque. Pucon is an outdoor enthusiast paradise. Stay at Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa for 3 nights There’s plenty to do and given the high altitude, it’s best to have time to acclimate before going on some of the longer excursions that take you to places at 13,000-plus feet. Wine enthusiasts shouldn’t miss a stop in Chile’s Central Valley, home to the main growing zone for Chile’s world-class wine. Adventure into the mountains or become immersed in history and culture in a luxury Chile family vacation. Places to Stay The Best Boutique Hotels in Chile. Funicular elevators take people from the base of the city into the hillsides and labyrinth of tiny streets and alleys. What is a good itinerary to see the best of Chile and Argentina in 10 short days? Roughly the size of Colorado, Ecuador offers a combination of the jungle, the Gal á pagos islands and colonial history — all in one trip. New Zealand Travel Tips: What You Need to Know to Plan the Perfect Family Vacation, Giant Redwoods Steal the Show on this Magical Northern California Escape. Days 13 - 16 : Easter Island, Chile. Travelers with 2 weeks will be able to visit their choice of Chile's highlights and travel at a pace that allows some relaxation -- unless, that is, you intend to visit multiple long-distance destinations, for example from Patagonia to Easter Island and then Atacama, in which case you'll spend a lot of time traveling and little time actually visiting. Using a tour operator to design a fixed itinerary with guides doesn’t equate to travel babysitting — it means guides are more likely to be good and kid-friendly, drivers will be safe and reliable, and that you do what counts and don’t waste time. Stay in Pucon four or more nights to fully get a chance to experience all this area has to offer. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Fly or bus to the highland village of San Pedro de Atacama. A One-Week Itinerary to Chile: Santiago, Valparaíso and Atacama. Locally sourced food is outstanding and beautifully presented. There is skiing in Pucon, but the ski facilities are fairly rustic and have been closed recently due to heightened activity on the Villarrica volcano. There are some parts of Oktoberfest that are obviously … Photos by Amie O’Shaughnessy. I’ve met many people who have visited Chile without taking a trip here. We’re working with our suppliers on being flexible with their booking conditions, and enabling families to postpone travel to a later date without a penalty, when possible. Our Chile itinerary was intentionally super-busy to give us a chance to get the flavor of a few of the major highlights. On this custom tailored family adventure vacation to Chile you will find the remnants of Spanish conquistadors and journey to the south end of the Americas. We definitely want to hit the wine regions and are willing to do a flight within the trip, as well as drive or get a driver as needed. Suggested Itineraries in Chile Chile is home to a staggering array of formidable landscapes, each beautiful in its own way and offering a broad spectrum of otherworldly attractions and adrenaline-infused activities that will live long in the memory. With just 22 suites, Vina Vik is intimate and guests share mutual delight in being “in the know” enough to be there. Then turn up the dial with desert heat. Here’s a look at the main stops that comprised our Chile itinerary: Although our visit was brief, we were enthralled with this colorful port city on the coast of Chile. Latin Excursions developed our Chile itinerary and provided much of the guide infrastructure. Be aware that flights, accommodation and food are not cheap (although I’ve written a guide about. 7 Things You Should Consider in the COVID-19 Age, Coronavirus Lockdowns in South America: Readers’ Experiences of Curtailing and Cancelling Trips, This Sustainable Tour to an Indigenous Weaving Collective Unveils the Hidden Reality of Cartagena, The 15 Best Hikes in Patagonia that You Can Do Without a Guide. You could spend days here and not see it all. Please fillout the form below to create your free My Trip Planner account. Central Valley. Likewise, given the unpredictability around destinations that may be impacted in the future, we’re helping clients planning new trips and understand ways that they can protect themselves until the situation improves. Detailed itinerary Day 1: Santiago de Chile. We paired our tour with a graffiti art lesson for our teen — a brilliant, memorable way for him to understand the city and its culture. While the long-distance travel can be tiring, Easter Island is a fun place for children, with its easy walks, beaches, and ocean water that is noticeably warmer than the coast of Chile, fun forays to visit moai sculptures, caves to explore, and snorkeling. We kicked off our trip at Vina Vik Millahue, a jaw-dropping state-of-the-art hotel spectacularly positioned on a 11,000-acre wine estate. If you're looking for a bit of luxury on your next family vacation, a number of our destinations will fit the bill perfectly. UNESCO-protected Valparaiso has attracted artists from around the world who have transformed graffiti into art. If visiting Chile with kids has not crossed your mind as an appealing family vacation possibility, read on … we just got back from a tremendous trip with Latin Excursions, a top-notch tour operator specializing in travel to Central and South America.As I’ve been running into people who follow my Facebook feed, their first comment is that my photos are incredible. A Great 10- to 14-Day Chile Itinerary with Kids Valparaiso. It’s active family paradise. The process starts with an extensive question-and-answer session where trip objectives are laid out. Spoil yourself at the Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa, where you can watch the sun descend over the desert from the pool. 4 Weeks. There are a few spectacular national parks to explore in this area as well. What they don’t know they research as a team, and what they do know is customized for each and every client. Stay in the Atacama Desert for three to four nights. Ecuador is ideal for families looking for a cultural vacation filled with nature, adventure, new foods and new customs. The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is the world’s driest and a must-see destination. This is a challenging time for our clients given the uncertainty around the spread of coronavirus, particularly for those with near-term travel plans in impacted areas. Vina Vik is a very unique hotel, and we loved meeting Chileans who were there for the weekend from Santiago. From the northern desert to the towering snowcapped mountains of Patagonia, show the family the ceaseless wonders of Chile. That's what we're here for! Every suite is totally different and designed by an artist. Everything you need to know about backpacking in Chile, including costs, itineraries and places to visit. In this Chile itinerary, we start out in the capital city of Santiago. If you have tweens or teens, stay in Valparaiso for two nights. They specialize in trips to Central and South America and are unbelievable experts in this region. It boasts the Atacama Desert, the second driest location in the world (after Antarctica), and it also encompasses parts of Tierra del Fuego, an archipelago off the … Happy planning! We felt safe, but there’s an edge to it and we appreciated having a guide at our side to navigate the city and tell us the stories behind all of the graffiti art. 1. Days Two to Five: San Pedro de Atacama. Days Six and Seven: Valparaíso. Once on the mainland, don't miss the chance to visit Puerto Montt to try the fish and seafood offered by the many restaurants of the Angelmó Bay. Although all roads start in Santiago, there are quite a few possibilities in every direction from here, so a Chile family vacation plan with intention is essential. Stay at Holiday Inn Airport for 1 night. This property is a special treat for families, offering have downtime within striking distance of the airport and Santiago (a 2-hour drive). There’s nothing for little kids here, but tweens and teens will love the super-creative architecture and art. Day 12 - 13 : Santiago, Chile. — a brilliant, memorable way for him to understand the city and its culture. Moreover, I learned that Torres Del Paine is one of many interesting things to do in Patagonia, so I’ll make a whole trip of it next time and do a number of stops within southern Chile, quite possibly pairing it with southern Argentina. Answer 1 of 8: Hello, I will be travelling to Chile with my family of 4 (2 adults, 1 toddler and 1 baby) at the end of January. With physical wonders such as the Torres del Paine National Park and the Atacama Desert, outdoor adventure playgrounds in the form of the Lake and Aisen regions, ice fields, salt flats … Join our newsletter! Privacy Policy, Two Months Backpacking in Peru: A World Away from Cusco. You’ll arrive in Santiago where you’ll be transferred to your hotel by an English-speaking guide. Begin the epic journey through Chile in the arid plains of San Pedro Atacama, home to the dramatic landscapes of Valle de la Luna. Upon arrival, visit Chile's capital, nestled in the foothills of the Andes. We are ready to help our clients work through questions and concerns. Day One: Santiago. Our expert Family Vacation Consultants can help you create an unforgettable trip. Your email address will not be published. Santiago and the Central Valley have mild winters and warm to hot summers so they are great places to visit all year round. The magic of my Chile travel itinerary planning service is that it’s a fully bespoke service, where I put together a once-in-a-lifetime itinerary, custom-designed for you and your vacation or extended trip. No more scouring the internet and playing truth or fiction about … Otherwise, I’d spend two nights in Santiago as the urban stop on the trip. Stay in the Central Valley for two to three nights. My Trip Planner allows you to bookmark articles, family-friendly hotel reviews, and family vacation packages. I'm thinking Chilean wine area, Chilean Coast (Valparaiso? To include Easter Island in the following itinerary, spend Day 1 in Santiago, Days 2 to 4 in Pucón, Day 5 in transit from Pucón to Easter Island, Days 6 to 8 on the … It’s known to be one of the driest places on the planet, and to say it’s arid is a vast understatement. In our case, we like adventure, but we’re not into extreme sports and stops were selected accordingly. Your family holiday in Chile will begin this morning as you touch down in Santiago de Chile, and we will be there to meet you and take you by private transfer straight to your hotel in the upmarket Providencia area of the city. Days Eight and Nine: Santiago and Colchagua. the Chilean art of the asado (barbecue), make sure you head east along Line 1 Editor’s Note: Latin Excursion provided a media package for our trip. Stay up to date on the latest in travel finds and news for families. Wine enthusiasts shouldn’t miss a stop in Chile’s Central Valley, home to the main growing zone for... Atacama Desert. As a vast, sprawling country, there are plenty of things to do in Chile; These Chile itineraries for ten days and two weeks rely on the fact that, For meat lovers keen to learn about the Chilean art of the asado (barbecue), make sure you head east along Line 1 of the metro for a steak (cooked, For meat lovers keen to learn about Day Ten: Santiago. There’s a lovely infinity pool, a large game room, and plenty of spaces for families to spread out. What was surprising is that within this framework is unbelievable diversity, from a literal hot springs oasis in the middle of an otherwise inhospitable landscape, to salt flats that are home to beautiful flamingos, to landscapes that could easily be mistaken for mars or the moon, to wildly spectacular bright blue lagoons high in the Andes. The country is big and much of it is remote; to have this kind of travel feel comfortable, qualified resources are critical. On arrival, we were met by a local guide who helped us navigate through customs effortlessly and introduced us to the week ahead. Latin Excursions does everything on request and can mix and match experiences throughout the country. What to Do The Museum of Memory & Human Rights, Santiago See the latest prices. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed on Ciao Bambino are our own. Click the Request your quote button to send it over to us 3. An activity concierge can set up horseback riding, hiking, and biking to explore the estate. Geysers spurt out boiling water, salt flats stretch out for miles, volcanoes bubble away and hot springs lure you in. After getting a taste of Santiago, fly north to the Atacama desert—an oasis in the driest part in the world known for geysers, moonscapes, and starry skies. Latin Excursions took copious notes and delivered on the experience we wanted. To that end, Chile is well-suited for using a tour operator or a destination management company with local offices and in-country support. Please see below for our top five Family Holidays itineraries for Chile but do call The South America Specialists™' experts in the UK on +44 1525 306 555 who can help customise all our Chile itineraries further or create perfectly new hand-curated itineraries to suit your exact budget, timescales and preferences:. After Atacama, we head back down via Bahía Inglesa Beach and Ojos del Salado , … From Santiago, feed your imagination exploring boho Valparaíso. down dunes in the Moon Valley. Luxury family vacations. See & Do A One-Week Patagonia Travel Itinerary. Guides & Tips The Most Unique Experiences to Have in Chile… The Atacama Desert is surreal. There are parts of this desert that have never seen rain. Want to save all the great intel and tips you are finding on Ciao Bambino? Today, travel back to Punta Arenas for your flight to Santiago and overnight in an airport hotel. It might have been voted South America’s leading adventure travel destination for the past two years running in the World Travel Awards, but few travellers actually make it to Chile. From luxury family hotels to privately guided tours, we can make your next family vacation extra special. If you are visiting Chile during winter (June-August), I’d swap out a visit to Pucon with a visit to one of the more popular and developed ski stations in the Andes outside of Santiago. Our recommended tours in Chile Southern Chile: Winelands, Easter Island & Torres del Paine. We appreciate fine food and wine, as well as luxury accommodations, but we also want our experiences to feel authentic and we like to log time with locals. Recommendations for travel in Chile and using this Chile itinerary: Chile Itinerary for ten days of travel. Detailed Itinerary Day One – Start of Your Family Holiday to Chile. This Santiago museum makes visible Chile’s human rights’ atrocities... Mountain Biking, Atacama Desert If you have lots of time, Chile has enough tourist infrastructure where it’s possible to wing it … but that’s not what we recommend for families who have limited time and want to keep kids engaged. Best of Chile. By Amie O’Shaughnessy, Your email address will not be published. Recommendations for travel in Chile and using this Chile itinerary: Days Eight and Nine: Santiago and Colchagua, Days Twelve to Fourteen: Parque Nacional Conguillio. After our amazing experience, I would absolutely recommend integrating a visit into any introduction to Chile itinerary. And that we did. Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know about special promotions, perks, tips and hot destinations. Price estimates were calculated on October 17, 2020. Enjoy watching the glacial ice flows in Lago Grey, Torres... Trekking & cruising in Patagonia. Travel to Cucao and to the Chiloé National Park to go deeper into nature. Simply click the heart icon on anything you want to save. Add your favourite trips or an itinerary to your travel plan 2. Chile itinerary for two weeks of travel. Answer 1 of 5: We’re planning our December vacation with two (active) sons aged 8 & 9 and having loved our visits to other Central and South American countries, we’re considering Chile this time around. Patagonia & Atacama Desert - 10 Days. Click to send us a request. The city is gritty and urban, yet the colorfully painted buildings — many of which date back to the 19th century — and murals throughout the city are fascinating to explore. Our top five Family Holidays itineraries for Chile: Nature, history and haciendas: 3 unforgettable weeks in Ecuador with kids, 5 reasons to visit the Galápagos Islands now, Essential tips for planning a Galápagos family vacation. Before our departure we had a comprehensive itinerary to reference with a slew of local contacts to call with questions or concerns. This is just a taste of what a great Chile itinerary offers families. Chile Itinerary 2 Weeks: The Best time to Go The best time to travel to Chile is between September and November when temperatures are pleasantly cool in the North. Your email address will not be published. Written By Patagonia is the one landmark that everyone seems to know; the challenge, however, is that Patagonia takes time to access and appreciate … regional icons like Torres Del Paine National Park involve a 4.5-hour flight followed by a few-hour drive just get into the park. Chile Itinerary 1 - The grand tour - 3 weeks Allow at least three weeks if you wish to cover Chile from top to bottom; flying between some of the destinations will allow you to cover vast distances quickly. Then we head on an overnight bus straight up to San Pedro De Atacama to explore the driest desert in the world. The Atacama is truly a place that must be seen to be believed.
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